Rent a Bike in Raleigh

Spring is here and renting bikes has taken off with a fury.  The Neuse River Trail is covered in Green leaves and the River is running strong. It’s a great place for a ride.

Want to ride with a group of friends? Have a wedding party that needs a few hours of recreation before the big event? Family in town or have guests for the weekend? We have you covered.

Come rent bikes on the Neuse River Trail. You are going to have a great time.

Just contact us here for a reservation.

Rental Bikes In Raleigh

Where is the best place to rent bikes in Raleigh, NC? Right here.

Renting bikes at the Bike Guy was voted one of the Bucket List’s top 40 best things in Raleigh. They considered Renting Bikes and riding the Neuse River Trail a must do.

Likewise, Trip Adviser posted the Neuse River Trail as one of Raleigh North Carolina’s main attractions.

We rent a lot of bikes to a lot of people. Sometimes, its a corporate event. On numerous occasions, its been wedding parties, family reunions, guests from out of town, bike dates and a lot of people who just want to add a little adventure to their weekend.

Our bike shop is close to several restaurants, coffee shops and picnic areas. The whole bike path runs along a gentle flowing river, under tree cover. The tree cover cuts down on wind in the winter and offers shade all summer. It’s nice.

There is not a better place to ride a bike in North Carolina.

Feel free to call or email us for a reservation.

Contact us here

You can also just stop by for a rental though. We always have plenty of bikes.

See you on the trail!