Bikes We Sell

Our bike brands

KHS– Broad offerings of bikes. Something for every cycling category

Marin– Adventure Oriented bikes and lots and lots of hybrids

Sun– Fun, Dependable, Affordable – some of our most popular bikes

Surly– Proper bikes for Avid cyclists. All steel and all sweet

Origiin8– Metro conscious city and campus bikes. High end carbon too.

Our recumbent Trike brands

Catrike– Light weight, fast and fabulous. very popular with avid cyclists.

TerraTrike– The worlds most comfortable trikes

Ice Trike – Faster, Lighter and higher end

Sun Trikes  – entry level trikes for beginners and low impact rides

Electric bike motor systems

Falco-Our most popular electric bike system and best warranty.

eRad– A mid-drive electric bike system with options for very high torque.

Bionx– Easy riding, attractive and intuitive.

Coming Soon

Day 6 Bikes – The most comfortable thing on two wheels

Links (these links show the broad spectrum of products we offer)

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